Explore all world's open technologies.

Development stage. Launching late 2014.

The new epic way to build open hardware

The best of GIT meets WordPress and Wikipedia. Now, it's super easy and fun to build new technologies on top of existing engineering knowledge.

It's open and you can contribute.

Powerful features designed for and by engineers.

Easy version control

Simple modular documentation and familiar "fork" "branch" "commit" features... Add a kick-ass issue tracker.

Plugin infrastructure

Customize your workflow with powerful file visualization, translation or stats apps. Best part, you can code your own.

Yours, open-source

The project will be released as open source. You can run it on your own server, modify and have fun with.

Anywhere you go

Built with mobile and next generation devices in mind. You can take Dreamups anywhere you go, even in your garage.

Why build one central place for all open tech?

Along with all open hardware developments (e.g. Arduino, Tesla, Facebook Compute, 3D Printing etc), we have an enormous knowledge and tool fragmentation, lead by proprietary solutions. As a result billions are lost by hardware startups and R&D teams lacking access to existing tech discoveries and open hardware documentation.

Time to build one common playground and innovate together.